Manual for Microsoft Excel with Tips and Tricks

Manual for Microsoft Excel with Tips and Tricks

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This audio guide will teach you in an interactive way to work easy and efficient with Excel 2010. Microsoft Excel is a powerful office calculation program which thousands use on a daily basis. Are you a beginner or do you use it frequently but still have questions regarding a specific move/essential trick? As a matter of fact, the very best selection of tutorials are provided here. After using our guide there won’t be left much you won’t be able to do self-confidently in Excel, since it’s been under research and development by an expert dev team. Key features of this manual: 1. How to work with Basic Features in Excel 2. How to Create a worksheet and copy paste in Excel 3. How to Change and Add an Excel Worksheet 4. How to Create multiple custom Worksheet views in Excel 5. How to set Options in Excel 6. How to Navigate in an Excel workbook 7. How to Navigate through shortcuts in Excel 8. How to Find the commands you need and use Backstage view or the File tab in Excel 9. How to Customize the ribbon bar in Excel 10. How to Customize your display of Status Bar totals in Excel 11. How to work with data using shortcuts in Excel 12. How to Understand formulas and functions in Excel 13. How to work with times and dates in Excel 2010 14. How to Format numbers and dates in Excel 2010 15. How to apply fonts, background colors, and borders in Excel 2010 16. How to add Background Color automatically in Excel 17. How to apply, create and share styles in Excel 2010 18. How to adjust columns, rows and text in Excel 2010 19. How to use custom conditional formatting in Excel 2010 20. How to coordinate a look using themes in Excel 2010 21. How to split screen and Freeze Cells in Excel 22. How to insert headers and footers in Excel 2010 23. How to Add pictures and shapes in Excel 2010 24. How to Insert SmartArt in Excel 2010 25. How to alphabetize in Excel 26. How to Use tables to sort and filter data in Excel 27. How to know Basic and multi-field sorting in Excel 28. How to control cell cursor in Excel 29. How to Select Multiple Cells in Excel 30. How to Target large data groups in Excel 31. How to Name and use cell ranges in Excel 2010 32. How to Convert Excel 2010 vertical cells to horizontal 33. How to Record and using a simple macro in Excel 34. How to Create a basic PivotTable in Excel 35. How to Use templates in Excel 2010 36. How to Create Templates in Excel 37. How to Hide or group rows and columns in Excel 38. How to Hide and Unhide Worksheet in Excel 39. How to Make Excel 2010 formulas invisible or visible 40. How to Write subscript in Excel 2010 41. How to Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel 42. How to Insert Check Mark Symbol in Excel 43. How to Use Symbols and Special Characters in Excel 44. How to Insert and edit comments in Excel 45. How to maintain Excel Compatibility 46. How to Save Excel 2010 as read only 47. How to Convert an Excel 2010 spreadsheet to a word document 48. How to Convert Excel 2010 to a jpeg format 49. How to Export Excel 2010 data to a text file 50. How to Export Excel 2010 to fixed width text file 51. How to Export data from Excel 2010 to pipe delimited text file 52. How to Adjust Excel 2010 print area 53. How to Copy Excel 2010 sheet into email 54. How to Open an Excel Spreadsheet Online 55. How to Share a workbook and track changes in Excel 56. How to start Excel 2010 in safe mode 2010