Malayalam Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce

Malayalam Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce

Abdulla Al-Shurafa المطور

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2015-04-11
  • النسخة الحالية: 1.1.8
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التقييم: 3.5
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KeyNounce is the easiest way to type in Malayalam using just the English keyboard. KeyNounce uses a technique called "transliteration" that enables you to type the Malayalam pronunciation in English, instantly giving you back the word written in Malayalam. For example, typing "namaskaram" will be converted into the Malayalam letters right as you type! It’s simple, fast and super accurate. You don’t need to worry about typing in the exact English spelling for an Malayalam word, KeyNounce is smart enough to accept many input spellings for the same output word. If you can write, or read Malayalam, but aren’t used to typing using the Malayalam keyboard, KeyNounce is the perfect solution for you. KeyNounce works in any app! Once you enable the keyboard you’ll be able to easily compose texts, emails, tweets, facebook posts, and search the web in Malayalam.



  • Not working on iPhone 8

    بواسطة Alex Kurian
    Not working on iPhone 8
  • Amaizing

    بواسطة Fahad PM
    This app very useful
  • No good please use വരമൊഴി it is hundred percent free

    بواسطة Santhunamkulath
    This is not good because I use only one day after after this one is expiry then I see the message like that "Do you want to unlimited"usage Malayalam translation purchase SR 10.99 Because I am using in Saudi Arabia. I suggest only one good application "varamozhi" translation ( വരമൊഴി ) is 100% free this unlimited usage " varamozhi " translation
  • Mr.

    بواسطة ജിജി എബ്രഹാം
    വളരെ നല്ലത്.
  • Cheating

    بواسطة Showkath 2000
    Free version very very very bad. Just work out only one week
  • The word Cheyyuka "ചെയ്യുക "

    بواسطة നജം അരീക്കൻ
    The word Cheyyuka എന്ന് എത്ര ശ്രമിച്ചിട്ടും ശരിക്ക് എഴുതാൻ പറ്റുന്നില്ല താഴെ പോലെ മാത്രമേ വരുന്നുള്ളൂ "ചെയ്യുക " Please fix App Version: 1.1.8 OS Version: 9.3.1 Device Version: iPhone 5s (Global) Sent from my Mobile Phone
  • Best app thanks a lot

    بواسطة Robin k baby
    Ok very good
  • Not working

    بواسطة Marsmarz
    The trial version was superb .Bought paid version and it is not working .Moreover been messaging support but till now no response . please correct it !
  • Not working

    بواسطة Ezzudhin
    I bought unlimited version. But in 3 months it says my trial version has expired??? How com! I sent the above three weeks back. No reply yet. Also no sopport to my emails in this regard. Dont purchase this
  • Not working after purchase

    بواسطة Nisam Mecheri
    Do not purchase this app. Because after purchase its not working. There is one message showing "internet acces required to transiliterate"