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  • Sudden shut down

    بواسطة houyda
    After the last update app is too much bad it is suddenly crashing
  • No responseee

    بواسطة abdul makh
    Whyyy the fuckkkkk vediossss in my feedddd are nottt auto playing like beforeee ... ???? Thisss is theee thirdddd time i m complaining and no response yettt .... helll u guysss
  • Can’t access the rest of each story

    بواسطة Alkahteeri الكثيري
    Can’t access the rest of each story !! I press ( more ) but expands only the screen but not the story guys Plz fix it with a new update
  • Bad update

    بواسطة mohammed mussad
    Bad update and more crushes The page can’t loaded My iPhone 7 plus not working properly with last version 158 Also crushes many times and the new feeds not loaded Version 159 same problem
  • ممتاز جدا

    بواسطة 🔸 فيصل 🔸
  • News feeds Not showing

    بواسطة Error News Feeds
    New feeds have issues, many of my like pages and friends have activities but nothing showing in news feeds, please resolve at earliest
  • Trashy New Update

    بواسطة R.JSA14
    No new posts are coming up on my news feed. The same posts with few new ones once in a while, come up from selected pages. That’s it. Why can’t I get posts from other pages that I’ve liked? I’m getting severely bored from my current Facebook (version). Please make improvements.
  • App problem

    بواسطة Abdullah Elholy
    After I fixed the last update the app keeps closing suddenly while I use it
  • Crash down

    بواسطة Dr_mega
    The Facebook keeps crashing down!
  • Facebook is The top.

    بواسطة Gigifour.
    I love facebook but i hope soon there’s no friends, Only follow like instagram. Thankyou <3 .