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WhosHere: for fun, for friendship, for finding people who will make your life more interesting than you ever imagined. WhosHere is the world’s only location-based, mobile friend finder with "Total Freedom", a cost-free, worry-free, label-free approach to chatting with and meeting like-minded people nearby. With tens of millions of users, WhosHere is ideal for making new friends, connections, and contacts with interesting people nearby and around the world. Build up your connections by swapping pictures; sharing gifts; and chatting through built-in text messaging or in-app voice calls. Even better, WhosHere does not require any personal information to let you chat or talk/speak with other users. So, there is absolutely no need to give out your phone number, email, or IM address unless you want to. It’s up to you how you want to connect. Take control of your social life. • Check us out on Facebook - facebook.com/WhosHere • Follow-us on Twitter - twitter.com/WhosHere



  • The new update is bad

    بواسطة sourtraveller
    The screen is not fixed on i phone x and cant close ads and cant close profile photos. And also it collapses when trying to save images
  • برنامج جيد وممتع

    بواسطة مررررره حلو
    لذوي الأذواق الراقية بعيداً عن التماسيح
  • السلام عليكم

    بواسطة adel himad
    تطبيق يعلق كثير وفيه الاعلانات كثيره
  • السعوديه

    بواسطة محظور الهوز
  • Bugs

    بواسطة Heart-Beat-Song
    The app after the last update scrolls to almost the end of the list with out notice !! Very annoying try getting back to where I were !
  • Meshal

    بواسطة تخلف في هالبنك لامحدود.
    Dear, The app does not support iPhone X.
  • العشق الصادق

    بواسطة العاشق الصادق
    جميل ولاكن فيه شي من التزييف هي الي مكرهني وينرفزي حيانن
  • Failed app

    بواسطة Jskdkkflsmd
    The worst app ever when it comes to technical problems. Amateur programming and childish management. Very stupid polices and management practices. You will lose access to the app any time for no reason. Better not waste your time with this failed app.
  • فهد

    بواسطة فهد الفالح
  • ملاحظة لإدارة البرنامج مع الشكر...

    بواسطة Ghassan Omar
    اتمنى من إدارة البرنامج إغلاق طلب فتح البلوتوث المتكرر لانه بجد مزعج جدا...