Noble Quran

Noble Quran

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وصف التطبيق

The Noble Qur'an: Mohammad Bin Abdullah Bin Saedan and Sons Foundation By Al-Dar Al-Arabia for Information Technology, LLC The Noble Qur'an Application is sponsored by "Mohammad Bin Abdullah Bin Saedan and Sons Foundation", and developed by "Al-Dar Al-Arabia for Information Technology", a leading software and Islamic applications development company. It is a full featured application that enables the user to make use of the interactive reading of the Mushaf text. - The first application of the Noble Qur'an authenticated and documented by the Mushaf Revision Committee of Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif, Egypt, under the supervision of a specialized scholarly committee licensed to the Ten Recitations of the Qur'an. - Distinctive and unique design of the pages of Mushaf, embellished with Islamic decorations and frames of high quality. - Designed and developed in othmani script by the way of "Hafs from Asim" in accordance with the latest edition of Mushaf of King Fahd Complex at Medina (1433 A.H.). - The only application in Apple Store to display the entire Mushaf in a computerized font - not scanned images of the Mushaf of King Fahd Complex as is the case in other applications; a project which takes several years to be developed specifically for applications of the Noble Qur'an. - The pages of Mushaf in this application are characterized by a high-quality zoom in and zoom out feature upon touching any page of the Mushaf, since the application uses a special Quranic font which is not an image. - Customizing and changing the interface of the application into 3 languages (English, French, Spanish). - An accurate engine to search for a letter, word, or phrase. - A command bar for every verse for quick access to the multiple services. - A service to copy the verse (or verses) in regular script. - A service to share the verse (or verses) on E-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter. - A classic index of Surahs with the ability to search for the Surah. - The Ability to customize the background of Mushaf in multiple colors which allows the user to choose his favored colors. - Night reading mode of the Mushaf; the background is black, and the fonts are white, so that the reader gets the visual comfort. - A landscape display of the Mushaf screen to clearly view the verses in a larger area. - Bookmarks to save the places where you stop during recitation. - The ability to insert notices or comments on the verses during the recitation of the Qur'an. - Multilanguage interface enables the user running the application for the first time to choose between 3 languages ​supported as interfaces for the application (English, French, Spanish), with the ability to switch among the languages through the settings menu - "choose interface language".



  • Missing word

    بواسطة Muslim from Sudan
    There is a missing word in sorat altoba versus 38 . We can not trust the rest of the copy to be complete or correct . Take care dear brothers.